The Metamorphosis of 3404 Buena Vista Ave.

This web site is an ongoing survey of the process, from start to finish (?),
of the addition and remodel of our house in Montrose, CA.

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See "The Emerging House" timeline photos of the front of the house

Current State of affairs: Mostly we are down to some gradual interior carpentry. We are slowly moving in and setting up.

The Latest Pictures: click here
As work has slowed we are no longer doing daily work photos. Watch this space for occasional updates.

Work Completed: Demolition, Foundation & Slabs, rough plumbing, fire sprinklers, rough electrical, solar panels, low voltage, HVAC, security system, insulation, framing, finish electrical, finish plumbing, fire sprinklers, tile, hardwood floors, interior paint (except for some stain downstairs)